We built our reputation on a combination of practical hotel knowledge, and understanding how technology can enhance hotel performance.

Innfinite was one of the first UK hotel consultancy and professional service and development company to feature on the travel web. The launch of Destination Scotland in 1997 (since sold) was ground breaking for the industry at the time, and with its introduction, Innfinite also began the internet marketing and provision of full internet and web development and SEO services to small Scottish hotels. In 2000, the company combined with Cali Net for a period, and from there developed a substantial base and market leading position in the Scottish hotel services market.

The company’s policy has always been to believe that in terms of range and cost of service provision, ‘all hotels are created equal’, allowing it to provide a level service portfolio and playing field to all hotels regardless of size or clout, or whether brand or independent.

The company's policy has also always been to provide market critical support. Unlike many of our our competitors, we work travel industry hours, not office hours, and provide email and telephone support to our clients, 7 days a week.

The longevity of the company is a huge experiential factor in the quality of its services to clients. Its total specialisation in travel industry verticals (in the main hotels) and the fact that its managing director Robert Gilmour is a ‘hotelley’ person, having had senior positions in the industry as well as having owned and successfully operated and grown hotels, are key motivators for client growth – and over the period 2010-11 alone, the company has grown by over 30% in  terms of client base and revenue streams.

We don’t profess to have an in house solution for every eventuality. But we are a full service company, achieving this by partnering with key and world class industry service providers in areas of expertise where they can add value, and where their skills are proven and way beyond what we could ever achieve.  Find out more about our key service provider partners.


We have developed solutions for branded properties, and single and multi branded hotel groups and chains, mainly in the following areas:

Full on, one stop shop on line development, internet services and ecommerce solutions.

Development of unit hotel websites for branded hotels, integrating these and their functionality with the brand websites, and giving these properties the local and destination attributes which big brand websites lack.

Ensuring that unit websites are compliant with the brand’s electronic branding standards, and providing ongoing full support for the websites.

Assisting in the strategy and change management independent > brand and vice versa, including in depth channel management, ecommerce, CRS and channel shift strategies to both protect and increase business and business opportunities.

Brands we've worked with:

  • Choice/Quality
  • InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Holiday Inn/Express
  • Doubletree by Hilton
  • Best Western

Independent hotels

As former independent hotel owners and operators ourselves, we firmly believe in the independent hotel, and not only the ability of the web in particular to give the opportunity of a level playing field for independents against their branded counterparts, particularly in local and destination search and leverage – but their ability to access the same services at the same prices as the branded hotel in our market. Combine this with the economies we achieve with our support office being based overseas, and we ensure solutions for independents at affordable prices, across the full range of services necessary for optimum on line success.

Latest News

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for the intimate exclusive use products at Strand House, near Rye. 

  • Innfinite to design and develop new web and mobie presence for the new Rennie Mackintosh hotel Union Street Glasgow

  • Innfinite appointed management contrat for Stronlossit inn, designs new website and mobile site

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for Ash Restaurant at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness

  • Innfinite wins new mobile web design/development and presence for famous La Bonne Auberge restaurant, Glasgow

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